What is RIM?

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) is the arrangement when monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure like Physical Servers (email, application, database etc), Cloud Servers and other third-party IT infrastructure like Domain Registry, Hosting account, etc are done by a team of technicians remotely.

Agna RIM

With Agna RIM team as your IT support partner, you just an administrator who can help our team when any physical task is involved in configuring or resolving an issue. Our team does:

  • Configuration of new servers
  • Securing servers
  • Application installation and management
  • Monitoring your websites, web application, servers etc
  • Maintain your licenses and remind you of any renewals in time
  • Managing your cloud infrastructure
  • Managing your hosting accounts
  • Working with your staff and your end clients

If you are a Support Service provider yourself, we can provide white labeled services to your clients on your behalf

Advantages of RIM

Stability: Your business depends a lot on IT infrastructure, so you can only have a successful stable business if your IT is robust, monitoring and well maintained.

Cost Saving: IT teams take up a large chunk of your budget. Reduce it so that you only had some basic technical skills in house.

Process oriented Approach: Our team follows a process based on ISO | ITIL | ISMS which means, the issue is resolved immediately, root cause is identified and where ever possible root cause is eliminated so that the issue does not recur.