Asset Management System

Safety, Security and Confidentiality is critical for your Business to be "in business"

You often hear horror stories of leaked information, stoled ideas and missing components.

We have seen how CCTC has become extremely handy in ensuring security and also for investigation after an incident has occured. In this line of protecting your premises AGNA has come up with a Visitor / Gate Management System.

AGNA's Visitor / Gate Management System enables Factories, Businesses and Residential complexes to manage Visitors, Mail, Material and Vehicles that move IN and OUT of your Premises.

It is hard for employees to plan their day due to surprised Visitors. Ensure your visitors book an appointment online and that your staff approve it based on their availability. Your front desk / security also will have no difficulty in allowing the Visitor in.

Key Features of AGNA's Visitor Management System

  • Visitor can request for an appointment to a department or specific staff
  • User Registration including a picture at the Gate (during first visit)
  • Make note of who is accompanying them and what they are taking in with them
  • Printed visitor pass with barcode
  • Employee alerted about visitor (mobile application / email)
  • Employee to sign off when the visitor leaves their desk
  • Security / Gate to sign off when the visitor leaves the premises
  • Track Courier / Post / Mail / Material that enters IN or leaves OUT of your premises
  • Categorize and track them if they are RETURNABLE goods
  • Take note of every Vehicle that crosses the GATE
  • Make note of what is in the Vehicle and who the driver is


    You will know answers for:

  • who is visiting you frequently
  • how long are they spending in your office / factory
  • which of your employee gets most visitors
  • how long does an average visitor spent in your premises
  • who are the top 10 visitors who stayed long
  • who has spent more time in the premises even after being signed off by your staff and lot more....