Asset Management System

You’ve got IT assets. We’ve got a way to manage them Every company, regardless of size or field, has assets that need to be tracked and managed. Track where your assets are, who handles your assets and the current working condition of the asset. In case of any breakdown you can raise ticket for the specific asset. We offer spare parts tracking, stock management etc as add on features for the Application. Regardless of the system size, you can use it on any PC, laptop and mobile devices. Features

  • Utilize Maintenance Resources more efficiently by viewing work schedules in calendar view by day, week, or month.
  • Improve Asset Reliability & Machine Uptime by generating calendar tasks for each asset Avoid Unplanned Breakdowns & Shutdowns by scheduling work as needed based on condition monitoring data.
  • Access Machine Information at Your Fingertips by storing complete asset data, specs, location, hierarchy of components, etc. within your Application.
  • Increase Work Completion Rates by managing work orders and requests from any browser-based device.
  • On time customer order completion through effective utilization of resources.
  • Reduce Waste and Spoilage by tracking spare parts availability and associating them to assets and PMs.

Alternatively, you can engage us for a specific project or for just sourcing / short listing candidates based on their resume’s compatibility to the job profile.